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Cloud, Infrastructure and Quality Assurance

Emrys Consulting, in partnership with the cloud native expertise, empowers businesses and organisations to fully leverage the potential of cloud-based applications through our cloud native services. We provide a robust foundation that enables you to achieve your objectives now and in the future by utilising cloud native technologies.

The team designs and develops cloud native solutions that drive business growth and provide you with a competitive advantage. Using cloud native technologies, we provide you with the benefits of automation, scalability and agility, automation of streamlines processes, reduced costs, and increased efficiency. Scalability allows you to easily and quickly adapt to changes in demand or growth. Agility enables you to respond to market changes and customer needs faster.

By leveraging the cloud native services, we deliver innovative systems to your customers, and will take your business to new heights with cloud native technologies.

Open-source solutions using cloud native technology

Cloud migration designed for you

To successfully embark on a cloud journey, whether you’re re-hosting (also known as ‘lift and shift’), refactoring an existing application, or building a new one from scratch, you need a considerable amount of expertise to identify and implement the most effective technologies. Cloud migration presents an opportunity to modernise your operations and take advantage of the cloud’s benefits. Our team of skilled professionals can help you streamline the migration process and provide support at every stage.

Implementing a cloud-first strategy

Emrys Consulting can help businesses and organisations enhance their efficiency and gain a competitive edge by implementing cloud technology. With the cloud, you can spend less time on maintenance and focus more on improving your services. Emrys Consulting provides a cost-effective solution that frees you from the burden of purchasing, maintaining and supporting costly server infrastructure. By partnering with us, you can redirect your resources towards fostering innovation and growth in other areas of your business.

Implementing CI/CD and automation

Emrys Consulting recognises that Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) is a crucial component of modern DevOps practices. We excel in this area and understand its importance in the software development life cycle.

CI/CD streamlines the development and operations teams’ efforts by automating the build, test and deployment of software applications. This allows for faster delivery of new features and more efficient product deployment to clients. By automating the process, your project can be delivered with fewer bugs and function seamlessly across a variety of environments.

At Emrys Consulting, we understand that CI/CD and automation provide the flexibility needed to adapt and follow new market trends. With our expertise in this area, we can help your team optimise your software development practices and achieve your business objectives.

Optimise existing cloud usage

At Emrys Consulting, we understand that sometimes an existing application may require re-architecting to better suit a cloud environment. This can involve making modifications to the application and a substantial amount of its code to take advantage of the cloud-based features and increased flexibility that they offer. Through this refactoring process, we can create a cloud-native framework that will deliver enhanced overall performance and efficiency.

However, we also recognise that refactoring can be a challenging and resource-intensive undertaking that requires a significant investment of time. In some instances, companies may even consider refactoring portions of their business solutions to simplify the overall process. The good news is that at Emrys Consulting, we have the expertise to make this process a seamless one for you.

Cloud transformation

Emrys Consulting offers a Cloud Transformation Assessment that can equip you with crucial information for making investment decisions. Our approach involves leveraging best-in-class software to collect and analyse your current environment, which enables us to provide you with data and insights that can inform your cloud migration strategy. We follow a collaborative process and project plan that you can access at any time.

Our process begins with Emrys Consulting working with you to determine the most effective outcomes for your business. We then assist you in deploying top-tier discovery and analysis software from Movere, and we are available to answer any questions you may have. Throughout the process, we provide you with a comprehensive view of the deployment across your entire estate.

Testing services regularly as part of quality assurance (QA) should be introduced in every company.

In general, testing should confirm that the product/service is easy to use for anyone who needs to use it, regardless of the device they’re using. It must be stable, secure and work quickly, regardless of how many people need to use it. It can be iterated quickly to meet changes to user needs or the political environment.

Testing should be done on usability of the service as well as the technical parts.

Once the set of functions that need to be tested are clarified in the test plan, Emrys Consulting can help our clients to create a test case for each part of their software. Test cases, QA usually consists of 7 sections: ID, Test Case, Testing Steps, Expected Result, Status, Actual Result and Comments.

Our experience reaches across all sectors and all company sizes.

Our testing methods and processes follow all industry best practices and standards involving among others, the following:

  • Test Case Development
  • Test Plan
  • Risk Assessment
  • Bug Review Meetings
  • Bug Documentation
  • Agile Testing
  • Bug Prioritisation
  • Test Coverage Analysis
  • Test Case Execution