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The New Oil - Big Data!

Big Data has emerged as a transformative force in today’s digital landscape, encompassing vast volumes of information generated through various sources such as social media, sensors, and transactions. This wealth of data necessitates sophisticated data collection methods, where information is systematically gathered, processed, and stored. Data modelling, a crucial aspect, involves structuring and organising this data to uncover meaningful insights and patterns.

Innovative technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced analytics play an instrumental role in extracting valuable knowledge from the data deluge. One such technology, CKAN, stands out as an open-source data management system designed to facilitate effective data sharing and collaboration. CKAN empowers organisations to securely store, manage, and distribute their data assets, fostering transparency and enabling the development of data-driven solutions that drive innovation across various sectors.

CKAN, Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network is an open-source data management system that helps organisations and governments manage and publish large volumes of data and information. CKAN provides a platform for storing, sharing, and managing datasets and making them available to the public or within a specific organisation and is provided by Emrys Consulting trusted partners.

The primary benefits of using CKAN for businesses include:

Data Management

CKAN offers tools to manage and organise large volumes of data efficiently. It allows businesses to categorise, tag, and describe datasets, making it easier to find and use relevant information.

Data Sharing

CKAN enables businesses to share data with both internal teams and external stakeholders. This can lead to improved collaboration, informed


By using CKAN to make certain datasets public, businesses can demonstrate transparency and accountability to their customers, partners, and regulatory bodies. This can enhance trust and credibility.


Access to a wide range of data can foster innovation within a business. Employees can discover new insights, identify trends, and come up with innovative solutions by analysing and visualising the data available through CKAN.


CKAN's data management features can streamline internal processes, making it easier for teams to locate and use relevant data. This can save time and resources that might otherwise be spent searching for or recreating datasets.


Depending on the industry, businesses might have legal or regulatory requirements to publish or share certain types of data. CKAN can help meet these requirements while maintaining control over the data distribution.

Market Research

Businesses can use CKAN to access publicly available datasets that provide insights into market trends, consumer behaviour, and other relevant information. This can aid in better understanding the market landscape.

Public Relations

Sharing data through CKAN can also be used as a public relations strategy. Demonstrating a commitment to data sharing and transparency can positively impact the business's reputation.

CKAN is a highly integrated data management system that makes data discoverable and accessible. We provide tools to find, use, publish and share data.